Professional Assistant . . .

I am a Virtual Assistant and Coordinator that assists everyday people and business professionals with their tedious tasks that often burden them, their employees, and their businesses. In addition, I serve small business owners with Business Development assistance to help provide their employees and customers with satisfaction and growth opportunities.

There are endless possibilities to my assistance – if I am not experienced in the particular task, I will gain experience and knowledge on it in order to provide excellent assistance and a positive outcome for my clients. I work for my clients, I aim to provide excellence.

Life & Professional Coaching . . .

In addition to my artistic and professional assistant experience, I also provide my clients with life coaching. I enable my clients to free themselves from the over-consumption of stress and the barriers they've put up against their potential because of stress. I coach my clients by getting to know them, getting to know their stress, and maneuvering their stress around their day-to-day tasks to allow them to get the most out of their days. I am very honest, blunt, and sometimes harsh with my clients to push them for positive results and allow them to gain the confidence in what I am trying to help them with and what they're trying to accomplish.

My Experience . . .

I have attended and graduated from the Ohio Business College with a degree in Administrative Office Support. I continued my education with online training for Virtual Assistance and Business Development. Before business school, I attended a private art school, a community college, and an art university. I studied art, liberal arts, professional and personal psychology.

Since I was eighteen years old I have worked in customer service, the manufacturing industry, and perfected my skills in the administrative office profession. I have worked in a mall, a warehouse, a tanning salon, at a college, in accounting, as a teaching assistant, and held many administrative office positions.

With my education, continuing education, and experience combined, I am a multifaceted individual willing to learn and accept any challenge in front of me to gain experience and knowledge.

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