Let's make it quick, your time is precious . . .

I am a twenty-something year old chick that loves taking photographs, traveling, sleeping, eating, and watching a good movie. I share my life with my fiance, our three kids and two dogs. I have been making fine art since a young child, began my photography journey in high school, and learned my administrative technique in college. I am brutally honest, dress casual 24/7, and I am obsessed with Vera Bradley. I write/blog for The Huffington Post occasionally, and started a project for Miscarriage Awareness (see buttons below). I use Nikon and Apple products, occasionally I can be found on a PC. I am always up for learning something new and will spend a lot of time trying to figure it out if I don't get it on the first try. I like meeting new people - so say hello, and let's have hot chocolate (because I don't drink coffee) at Starbucks and chat.

Looking forward to it!

Dear Past, Present & Future Clientele -

In 2014, we experienced the loss of our child Emerson. Following this tragedy my willingness to create lovely memories for others became a distant desire as I struggled with depression and anxiety from my miscarriage. I decided that I needed time to myself and my family. I wanted to work my full-time job and come home and just stare blankly at my television, and frankly, be left alone in my thoughts. So in the beginning of 2015, I closed my books and cancelled many sessions (I am sorry everyone!).

When the time was right, we decided to try again and were blessed with Adalyne. My hiatus from photography, design, virtual assistance, and crafting classes was beginning to become a desire again but I knew I needed to continue to take time away to ensure a healthy pregnancy and then first year of my daughter's life. Adalyne was diagnosed with some health concerns during this first year, so continuing my hiatus was necessary.

Now in 2017, I am ready to finally jump back on the horse and start indulging in my photography services again, as well as the other services I provide to my wonderful clientele. So with that being said, I am asking for patience and honesty from all clients I book sessions with. Thank you for sticking with me and I look forward to what we will create together!

Special pricing (up to 50% off!) to those who mention "I'm Back!" while inquiring about sessions!