Let’s make it quick, your time is precious . . .

I am a twenty-something year old chick that loves taking photographs, traveling, sleeping, eating, and watching a good movie. I share my life with my fiance, our three kids and two dogs. I have been making fine art since a young child, began my photography journey in high school, and learned my administrative technique in college. I am brutally honest, dress casual 24/7, and I am obsessed with Vera Bradley. I write/blog for The Huffington Post occasionally, and started a project for Miscarriage Awareness (see buttons below). I use Nikon and Apple products, occasionally I can be found on a PC. I am always up for learning something new and will spend a lot of time trying to figure it out if I don’t get it on the first try. I like meeting new people - so say hello, and let’s have hot chocolate (because I don’t drink coffee) at Starbucks and chat.

Looking forward to it!
— Robin Cassady