Coaching, the latest . . .

Many of my clients have asked me if I were a "coach" - the response remained "kind of". Well just recently I added coaching as part of the services that I provide to my assistant clients.

Visit SERVICES to learn more about this addition to the RCS brand.


Changes coming to Robin, The Assistant.

After gaining clientele and working with many different professionals, I (Robin) am working on a new services list. This list will be made available for current and prospective clientele before the conclusion of April 2015.

I thank you for your business and partnerships, and I look forward to many more in the future!


A new women's support Organization available to survivor's and allies of Miscarriage . . .


Presenting: Diary of a Hopeful Woman


Thank you for continuing to read this. Fact is, when someone hears/reads "Miscarriage" they keep scrolling (per say). Miscarriage is not a topic of conversation that people want to talk about, it is a tragic event that forces many women and men to shut down both mentally and physically. It is unfortunately not talked about enough, forcing the people trying to survive through their miscarriage(s) to stay silent or cooped up in their homes for months trying to avoid talking about what they're truly going through.



Share Miscarriage Awareness with the world. DoaHW is a movement that provides Survivor to Survivor support everywhere. We educate Allies, and provide them with the tools to effectively support their Survivor.


Whether you're a survivor or an ally, join the movement to break the taboo of Miscarriage Awareness.



Now Offering: Engagement Concierge Services!

As of TODAY, I will be opening my Assistant services to a larger group with my Engagement Concierge Services.

Wedding Planners can be costly and sometimes you only need them for certain things, unless you have zero interest in planning anything about your wedding yourself. I am for the couples that want to plan their weddings, but need a little bit of help here and there.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, you shouldn't get to the day and feel like you've forgotten something - allow me to help you be stress-free A to Z!

Although this isn't everything, here are some of the services that I provide:

  • Wedding websites
  • Wedding/Engagement Pinterest boards (You provide information on the type of wedding you desire, I build a customized Pinterest account of your dreams.)
  • Wedding/Engagement invitation orders, Addresses and Sending (We discuss details, I make it a reality.)
  • Wedding planning services (Yes, this can be done virtually)
  • Honeymoon planning services (Experience Insider: I worked in the hotel/travel industry)

Engagement Concierge Services | Starting at $300.00

I accept budgets and work with every client to ensure that you can use my services on your budget. Payment plans available.

I look forward to the opportunity to assist many couples with planning one of the, if not the, most important day of their lives!

CONTACT me directly via the form available on the HOME page if you're interested!


About Virtual Assistant Services

On average . . .

Employers hire Administrative Assistants for their offices at a rate of $12-$20 an hour, on average paying a salary over $30K a year per assistant. These rates do not include the benefits that employers provide to the employees as well, such as medical, dental, 401K, vision, PTO, etc.

Longer Days posted these statistics for 2012

Most Virtual Assistant’s (VAs) are paid hourly or flat rate prices. They work for hire and complete the request as contracted – so benefits are not requested. Hours are flexible to both the client and the VA, both work together to contract what works for both of them. The relationship between clients and their VA’s vary, but communication is the highest priority for a reliable and trustworthy VA. Communication can be via telephone, text, email, and messengers (AOL, Skype, Yahoo).

VA services can be found on websites that cost nothing to the client, like Craigslist. There are also reliable sources that the client must pay to find a VA, like Zirtual and Elance. Word of mouth also brings reliable VAs as well; asking a professional friend where they found their VA or if they know of a reliable VA, etc.

Administrative Assistants that work Monday thru Friday requires buying supplies and office equipment that is required for them to do their jobs – VAs have all of their own supplies and equipment.

The professional possibilities for the assistance you can find with the right VA will surprise you and bring you a huge sigh of relief! And the perks to not needing someone else in the office only makes it better!


Virtual Assistants are Booming!

According to Google, “A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.”

Why hire a Virtual Assistant instead of an Office Assistant?
Simple! Virtual Assistants are available when you need them only. You do not have to worry about budgeting $30,000-$70,000 a year for an in-house employee, and that’s not including the bonuses and benefits that you would also have to consider! Virtual Assistants are for hire when you need a project complete, and charge you for the time that they spend doing the tedious tasks that you honestly would rather someone else do – at a much lower rate than a full-time, or even part-time employee.

Before you hire your Virtual Assistant:
Make a list of all of the services that you need, a list of the services that you might need, and a budget for the services.
[Example: You need data compiled into an organized worksheet and your budget for this skill is $15.00/hr maximum – this is what you would present to the VA at the first step of communication.]You also need to decide how many hours you need these tasks completed per week and what you expect to be completed based on the requests that you have so the VA you are choosing knows how to work and respond to your needs.
Ongoing VA services are often cheaper, but most VA’s do not put this feature on their service lists – don’t hesitate to ask if they offer these services and what the cost for them would be.

Finding the perfect VA for you!
This can be a tedious process on its own, however, it doesn’t have to be! Communicate with the VA’s you find and think will work perfectly for what you need (have a top 3), and then ask for their experience and credentials (or resume/LinkedIn profile) to ensure they have experience in what you desire. The hiring process for a VA can be very simple – you just need to communicate with them (their specialty). If you are still hesitant or unsure of which one to choose from, give them all a task (pay for a service of theirs) and then allow their performance to measure up to your expectations.

3 Tips for getting the most out of your Virtual Assistant:
1. Interview Before Hiring
Make sure you ask for a resume before the interview
2. Organization & Instruction Are Key
When you make sure you over communicate, you greatly improve their productivity.
3. Allow Them To Learn New Skills
Virtual assistants love working on tasks that teach them new skills and allows them to grow

Get to know your VA personally, they are working for you!

How am I supposed to communicate with my VA?
Some wonder how this can be done effectively and timely. Many think that email communication is the only way, and who really checks their emails more than their texts or messenger? Is it appropriate to text your VA?

I have my own opinions on this matter, but first I would like to share one from someone on a well-known staffing agency, Team Double Click.
“A very valid question but also a very easy one to answer. First, you must remember that your professional cloud-based virtual administrative assistant is a human being, just like you, and just like someone who may sit in the office right next to you. She has feelings, morals, standards, kids, pets, and a life – just like you.”
“Of course, there are several options for communicating tasks, assignments, and other matters to your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant: E-Mail is a very effective mode of communication when working virtually. Using the telephone to communicate with your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant, while obvious is quite underutilized and so simple to do. Instant messenger is another example of a wonderful technology, which is underutilized when it comes to communicating with cloud-based virtual administrative assistants.”

I personally communicate better when all three services are used to communicate with my employer and other team members. While telephone communication can sometimes be a negative, I ask them to text me instead. I can answer a text message and communicate through that much easier and just about anywhere, something not always available when receiving a phone call.

Are you into going Green? Saving the Earth? Hiring a VA is another way!
I bet you didn’t think of this, did you? Well another wonderful article by Team Double Click, provides you with information and the idea behind going Green with hiring your VA!