Diary of a Hopeful Woman

In December 2014, I experienced the most devastating loss a woman could face - I had a miscarriage just before entering my second trimester. Since then, I have been talking to other mothers of angel babies and have learned that this tragic experience is something that many women face. Despite my personal emotions and defeat, I want women to come together in their miscarriages and make this a topic of conversation. Talking about miscarriage is unfortunately a taboo in the world today, but I am hoping to be apart of the movement to change this.

Below is a link to the DoaHW blog that started it all. As a way to cope with my everyday life following my miscarriage, I wrote every detail I could possibly remember and shared it with the internet. Today there are hundreds of followers and the daily views reach 200 everyday - the uncanny amount of support for the unfiltered and raw emotions and details of the blog have made it stand out to women all over the world. I truly want to thank the people that have supported me through my experience; family, friends, and strangers.

Starting in February 2015, DoaHW will be a movement for women to join that have experienced Pregnancy & Infant Loss. I ask every woman, survivors or allies, to join this movement. The taboo of miscarriage awareness, ends today.

Timeline of events:

Encouraging women, both survivors and allies to join the movement.
Share the movement through social media. (Build a website for DoaHW!)
Collaborate with designers, planners, and production savvy people to create a product line for DoaHW.
Build state and/or city-wide chapters, and hold events/meetings for all members.


Coming Soon:

Currently DoaHW is looking into partnering up with other small business owners of the following products to launch a clothing and accessories line for DoaHW! Proceeds will go towards creating meetings and events specifically for bringing survivors of Miscarriage together in a safe and warm environment!

If you know or own a business that could help with the following, please contact directly!

  • Clothing: T-Shirts, Socks, Headbands, Hats, etc.
  • Accessories: Bracelets, Headbands, Necklaces, etc.

Thank you! Your assistance is much appreciated!

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