Group Crafting Classes

Robin is now offering classes to both small groups of friends and family members who are looking for a night in together.

You host the event how you want and Robin will come with the party!

Classes Offered:

  • Crocheting (A Simple Scarf)
    Group members will be provided with a crochet needle and ball of yarn (they choose from assorted colors of acrylic yarn) and then Robin will demonstrate a technique. Members get to keep the piece they create and return the crochet needle.
  • Paint Sample Collage
    Group members will be provided with scissors, glue, paint samples, and a piece of background material. Robin will demonstrate techniques and instructions, the members will keep their creations. Members will return scissors, glue, and unused paint samples.
  • Painting (Acrylic on Canvas Boards)
    Group members will be provided with an assortment of brushes, paints, and a canvas board. Robin will display a photo of an image* that the group will be instructed to create using any colors and techniques they wish. Members will keep the piece they create and return paint and brushes.
    *The image is an agreed upon theme upon booking.


  • Special Request Class
    Many groups are coming together to celebrate an event or have something that they all love and have in common, therefore, Robin and the group organizer will come up with a class that surrounds that. It can be a surprise to the group members, or not!

Investment Details:

A minimum number of 5 are considered a group.
Pricing begins at $25/person and fluctuates based on supplies needed. Larger groups can get discounted rates!

Pricing is per person.
All members must submit payment at beginning of/prior to the session in order to attend/participate.
If you would like to submit a group payment, this can be arranged.

Methods of Payment Accepted:
Cash, Personal Check, or Paypal (1-week in advance).

Name *
The Group Organizer's Name
Where will the class be hosted?
What date would you prefer to schedule this for?
How Many People Will There Be Attending?
If "Other", please specify in the "Message" section.
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