Congrats on your Senior Year, Jamie!

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Senior Portrait Session Galleries







Final Edits

Jamie -

I cleared up the shiny spots on 0015, 0020, and 0025. I kept the contrast parts on your face, as those define your features. But the shiny marks are diminished.

Please respond to my email on 10/17/14 about image 0056.

As for 0239 and 0329, these were tricky. I used a couple of programs, without turning your skin color or making it look porcelain, I had to blend a lot to get it the new way. I personally don't think they are bad anymore, but for the sake of the difference in the color to b/w, I would use the b/w if you're still not keen on the changes.

I am applying logos to the final edits, and will be putting them on the discs - your dad will have them this coming week sometime!