Private Galleries

Every client photographed by Robin Cassady will have a password protected gallery linked on the left. Click yours, or the one you wish to see, enter the password specified for that gallery, and you will unlock that gallery.


If you do not have a password for a gallery, please contact Robin. You must be the client to request a password.

Attention Family, Friends, etc.

You are welcome to view the gallery if you have permission by the client and were given the password. Be aware, the client has entrusted you with this password to keep it safe and secret, do not abuse this privilege. If a photograph is published without written rights, that will be considered a breach of contract and you will be breaking copyright laws.


Of any images within these galleries on outside websites, social media, or otherwise, is NOT permitted. Final images will be released to the client, for THEIR use only. Upon profile completion, some of the chosen images will be published to the website galleries and on the company Facebook page. Once they are published on the Facebook page, you are encouraged to share them!