F.A.Q. 2015 Additions:

Q: What, if anything, has changed about Robin's photo services since 2014?
A: Timing and response! I took a much needed break from my work to educate myself on how other photographers do their turn-around's so exceptionally fast while still maintaining their personal lives.. With time, practice, and patience of my own I feel as though I can meet client needs much better now and hope to showcase this.
Also, after a couple of flops in 2014, I will stick to not photographing weddings. I am looking to work with a wedding photographer that I take the engagement portraits and they do the weddings - but I am not there yet - However, I will take anyone's engagement portraits when asked!
Finally, contracts, consultation appointments and payment information will be different! All clients are required to meet for a consultation appointment (except mini-session clientele) and we will review and sign the contract and both parties will get a copy. Deposits are due at the time of contract signing and is required to receive a copy of the contract as well as book your session. All payments must be CASH or PERSONAL CHECK (made out to ROBIN CASSADY). More information will be introduced about this on the website later.

Q: Do we receive all of the images taken?
A: You receive all unique quality images, but not any duplicates, unexposed or test shots.

Q: How many images should I expect from my session?
A: The amount of final images for your shoot depends on the type of shoot, cooperation of subjects, length of a shoot and many other factors.

Q: Can I print my photos/use them on Facebook?
A: Yes! There will be more information included in your consultation about the two kinds of discs/files you will get.

Q: How fast is your photo turnaround after a wedding or photo session?
A: Each and every photo that is produced for your wedding or session is individually edited by Robin. Rushing photo editing for a quick delivery is the way mistakes are made and quality gets sacrificed. There will be no sacrificing the quality of your images! Portrait sessions take about two to three weeks (based on schedule) and weddings take about two months (based on schedule).  I also turn around a highlight blog and Facebook post within a few days of your shoot. I know you secretly want everyone to enjoy some moments from your event right away!

Payment F.A.Q.:

Q: Do you accept split payments?
Payment plans are available, this is a separate contract addition and must be placed during the contract signing. Your last payment will be made day of service. Your deposits are not included in payment plans, these are due at contract signing, no exceptions.

Q: What payments are non-refundable?
Every photography payment accepted with service is non-refundable. Fine Art and other services are based on subject.

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?
I accept Cash or Personal Check. [Make checks payable to ROBIN CASSADY]

Q: Are clients required to pay a fee/deposit prior to the actual date of the session?
Please refer to the Consultation Appointment information. Every client is required to attend a consultation appointment.

NSF/Returned Checks will be held and an additional $50.00 processing fee will be charged and must be paid in full prior to the scheduled session. [Any outstanding charges past the day of your session will push the release and editing of your images behind until settled.]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be required to sign a contract? If so, when?
A: Yes, all clients are required to sign a contract. Contracts are to be signed and received by RCS by the day of the session - the session will not take place until payment and contracts are received.

Q: What is the difference between a "Disc for Printing" and a "Disc for Sharing" in your packages?
A: The Disc for Printing = Images without company logos, used for printing.
The Disc for Sharing = Images with company logos, used for sharing online/publications.

Q: Do you shoot nude photographs?
A: Boudoir shoots are per request. Nude photography is available for this.
If you have a particular request for nude photographs, submit a contact form.

Q: What props are provided? Are clients required to bring props?
A: Props are not provided by the studio. However, backgrounds and blankets are (per session). Yes, clients are required to bring props to combine with their outfit selections.

Q: What are my options for color/black & white/sepia toned images?
A: All photographs are originally in color. During final editing they will be made black and white, sepia tones available per request.

Q: Do you photograph only Black and White sessions?
A: I can, Black and White photography is my favorite and is how I got started - it would be my pleasure to shoot in all Black and White. Keep in mind, the photo shoot will be technically shot in color, but the photographs will transform to B/W in the editing process.

Q: I do not care for Black and White photographs, can that be eliminated from my package?
A: They will be produced, however, you do not have to use them for your personal use. This is to your discretion. Be aware, you have co-owning rights to your photographs, therefore they may or may not be published on the website and other company promotions.

Q: How do I know what to bring?
A: You will be provided with the same details provided on the PREPARATION page.

Q: What programs do you use to edit?
A: All editing is done with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Q: Can a photograph of mine be used for invitations/Thank You cards/etc.?
A: Contact RCS with specifics.