First & foremost, why choose Robin Cassady?

This is the question I ask when I am looking around for services; "Why should I choose this person over everyone else?" So I want my potential clients to know why they're making the right choice, by choosing me. . .

I am constantly learning my craft, I take my time, I communicate, and I believe that nothing should be published without more than a second look. I have taken time off from photographing, drawing, and taking on new work to study the new things within my career and ensure that I have them memorized before accepting more work. I admit that I have made costly mistakes in the past with my work, clients, and business, but I have admitted to those mistakes and have learned from them. I do not believe in limiting myself but rather, indulging on myself and what I know.

Nowadays, it is typical for a photographer to tell their clients how many images to expect from a shoot. I never do this. Why? Because I will never stick to that number. I shoot nonstop within our time together (with the exception of moving around and you changing outfits) so there are usually hundreds of photographs taken. If 200 out of 350 photographs turn out perfectly, why should I have to narrow that down to 30 or 50 images? I refuse to do so, I want, YOU, my clients to know and have proof that their time and money were well spent.

You will get honesty, fun, dedication, and personally-driven craft when you choose me over the other photographers, artists, and freelancers. I can guarantee you that.

A Note from Robin:

I am currently pregnant (Due 03/19/16)

All sessions scheduled between 02/19/16 - 05/01/16 will be rescheduled (if they have not already). I will not accept on-location sessions during these dates. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Robin Cassady is an on-location photographer. There is the possibility and availability for indoor sessions, if necessary. Newborn sessions should always be performed inside (clients will be notified how to prepare prior to photographer's arrival). Boudoir sessions occasionally are performed both indoors and outdoors - client preference.

All clients are encouraged to provide their own props. This ensures that the photographs and session is completely personalized and your photographs will not be reflective in another clients due to repeating props and items. (Newborn sessions - Robin will have soft blankets and a boppy pillow.)

RC does not provide extreme airbrushing of images and extreme photo-shopping of images.
If there is a particular mark or blemish on your skin that you wish to be removed from every image, notify RC of this ahead of time (write in on the contract under the additional information section). RC will edit images and will remove blemishes that are noticeable - if there is a blemish missed, you can request this in the time allowed before final production is complete.

Robin is committed to providing clients with realistic photographs that depict the client/subject as it really is, making a client "skinnier" or "tan" is not an option. Creating fictitious backgrounds and objects is not an option, as well as intense background editing (we shoot outdoors for the backgrounds you'll have in your images) - all inquiries for editing will be reviewed, but there are no guarantees on your requests, per the previous information (all acceptable requests within reason will likely be completed).


RC does NOT provide printing services to clients at this time. All clients will receive digital copies of their images and is then solely responsible for printing. All clients are provided with a print release.


I photograph in the Central Ohio area. For out-of-town clients, arrangements can be made.
Here are locations that I have photographed at before:

  • Jeffrey Mansion (Columbus, OH.)
  • Homestead Park (Hilliard, OH.)
  • Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park (West Jefferson, OH.)
  • Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens (Columbus, OH.)
    *Outdoor ONLY!*
  • Greenlawn Cemetery, Greenlawn Abbey, & Hayden Mausoleum
  • Ohio Stadium, The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH.)
    *Client must book this on their own, for field access!*
  • Hilliard Darby High School (Hilliard, OH.)
  • The Falls at Hayden Run (Hilliard, OH.)
    (Lifestyle Communities - Front scenery location)
  • Scioto Park (Dublin, OH.)
  • Griggs Reservoir Park (Waterfall at Hayden Run and the Scioto River)
  • Prairie Oaks Metro Park (West Jefferson, OH.)
  • Inniswood Metro Gardens (Westerville, OH.)
  • Alum Creek Park (North of Polaris - Delaware, OH.)
  • Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH.)
  • Various Hotels around the Central Ohio area