Booking Your Appointment &
What to Expect for the Session:

For Outdoor Based Sessions: The session will be photographed using natural light in a natural setting. We might use back-drops, but it is not standard for my company.

For Indoor Based Sessions: Depending on our consultation appointment planning and other planning, there will be numerous flash units and backdrops. (In order to waste less time during the session, backdrops will be changed during your clothing changes unless stated otherwise in our planning.)

For Boudoir Sessions: Clients must be over 18 years of age. If nudity is planned, 21+ ONLY. [Be advised: Nude images will NOT be placed on your private viewing page. For these images, we will meet at a private location for viewing of the edits, where a disc of these images will be burned on the spot for you. You are not advised to print these images in open-air environments like Walmart, Target, CVS, etc. as those kind of locations do hold copies of every image placed on their kiosks.]
FAQ: "Should I bring a friend to feel more comfortable, and for assistance?" The best photo shoots come from one-on-one interaction between the client and photographer. It is not recommended to bring a friend to your session, but it is not an established "law" within the studio.

You, the client, are as involved as possible through the editing process. Your photographs will be edited and placed on your private gallery viewing page on the website - this page will have plenty of directions for you to follow and view. Through the editing process, every image that is believed to be crisp and clear will be chosen and added to the collection. Note: Some clients might have more than others depending on the lighting and location. Every client is guaranteed more than ten total images. Robin will contact you directly through text/call/email with information on the final steps to completing your package(s).

Please note: The editing process above is a generic process. Depending on the client, the requests, dates, and any other special circumstances - this may change and could be altered. Please be aware that during the Holiday season (The month of December to Mid-January) there will be delays, please expect them. If you need them to be complete by a certain date during that time, please inform Robin about this during your consultation appointment!

Wedding Clients: Your packages and dates are subject to different editing processes. Please verify your needs/wants with Robin during the consultation appointments on what to expect.

Preparing for your Portrait Session:


  • Wear your hair in it's normal style. Act as if it's just another day!
  • If you want a haircut or color touch-up, do it more than a week before your portrait session to avoid a significant difference or stains from coloring.
  • A fresh shave is VERY important for men!
  • A fresh wax is VERY important for women! Waxing will help avoid the growth caused from goose-bumps, which 9/10 will happen due to climate changes and nerves!
  • Bring all of your hair care/styling products.
  • Bring a hypoallergenic lotion to apply to your skin to avoid rashes or dull skin throughout the shoot.


  • Avoid sunburn, tan lines, and excessive spray-tans.
  • Minor blemishes and scars can be retouched, but not guaranteed.
  • Avoid makeup with sparkles and high SPF.
  • Women keep your make-up simple and natural.
  • I do not focus retouching on nails, make sure you have a fresh manicure and pedicure (both men & women) and avoid chipped nails.
  • Bring make-up to the shoot! Do not forget a powder to refresh your face on hot days where your face will be sure to shine! (Both men and women!)


  • Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum.
  • Bring what is appropriate for each of your outfits! 
  • Bright and colorful jewelry is only appropriate with an all black/black shirt & jeans outfit. Please plan accordingly.
  • Avoid yarn/string bracelets during your portraits.
  • Extreme "bling" is okay, but don't overkill you and/or your outfit.
  • Avoid large hoop earrings (small classic hoops are okay), nose rings (studs are okay), lip rings (studs are okay), long gauges (round "studs" that are even with your ears are okay), chain earrings, and large dangle earrings. 


  • Bring multiple outfits; casual, formal, bathing suits, workout outfits, etc.
  • Coordinate your outfits, head to toe. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and reflect your personality. (Per outfit: Keep tonal ranges the same, don't mix lights and darks in the same outfit.)
  • Avoid large prints, stripes, and crazy patterns - if you have a piece that is special to you, or you really want photographed, please display this at the beginning of the shoot in order to correctly plan a time and place for that outfit!
  • •A black shirt/top is ALWAYS a good choice. *Dark clothing makes you look thinner.*
  • WOMEN please AVOID white bras as much as possible - they tend to show through and cameras love to catch them just right. Substitute with a LIGHT tan colored bra. ALSO, please bring a few different bras - I will be honest and tell you which to wear and which one not too. [A strapless bra is a MUST!]
  • Please keep in mind what underwear/boxers/panties/etc. you choose to wear/bring - nothing with patterns, shapes, or bright colors! Classic white, tan, or black is all you will need!
  • Even if you don't normally wear a dress; bring what you have - everything is worth a try! (This goes for any clothing item, not just dresses.)
  • Always think about socks, shoes, belts, jewelry, etc. for every outfit! Place things in separate bags to keep them organized!
  • Make sure your clothes fit properly, avoid tight pants that cause excess skin to hang over the top, tight shirt collars that will cut off your neck, etc.
  • Make sure you have at least TWO long-sleeve shirts/sweaters/tops.
  • A classic t-shirt and jeans photograph is A MUST! Come prepared with an outfit for this!
  • Make sure you test the wrinkle-free ability of clothes - bring them on a hanger if they wrinkle fast and bad, we will shoot these first to get them out of the way so you do not have to shuttle them around through the shoot!
  • Come prepared to shuttle your items around - this is best in a suitcase, totes, etc. Bring a parent/guardian/friend/sibling/etc. to help shuttle items around on the shoot for you! (If we're at my home studio, this is not always necessary!)


  • For Family/Children Sessions: Make sure you bring easy toys/crafts to keep the children occupied when they're not needed for times throughout the session. Also bring their favorite toys/accessories/cherished items/etc. that will truly show their personalities and engage them in the photographs. Teenagers, please bring letter-man jackets or something that expresses their interests/hobbies/etc.
  • For Newborn/Maternity Sessions: Bring plenty of clothing, blankets, noise makers, toys, a space heater, and ultrasound photographs. Depending on the nature of the session, bring what will make the session creative, original, and yours. Get inspired through other images on the website, or internet.
  • For Engagement Sessions: Bring the ring(s), bring a blanket that is neutral toned, bring items that display your interests and hobbies together. Gather items to create "Save the Date" photographs and "Thank You" program photographs. If you want to photograph something to be on your ceremony programs, please bring those items/clothing as well.
  • For Senior Portrait Sessions: Bring multiple outfits, minimum of 10 (females), 5 (males). Bring your athletic jersey(s) and accessories, trophies, letter-mans jacket, and any other items that represent the school that you're graduating from. Bring a nice dress outfit, minimum of one (1). If applicable, bring some items that will display what school you will be attending college for.

Preparing for your Boudoir Session

2+ Weeks Prior to Session:

  • Gather your clothing, outfits, props, shoes, accessories and other necessities for the photo shoot.
  • Remember: Your clothing choices should include more than lingerie. Bring a cute tight-fitted t-shirt, over-sized button down, your partners favorite clothing, etc.
  • Personalization: Items that are significant to the relationship between your partner and yourself are important to bring and incorporate into your session. Examples: Dog Tags, Uniform, Instruments, Art, Hats, Jewelry, Jerseys, etc.
  • Tanning: If you want a glow tanned complexion, grab a bottle of self tanner and test it on your skin (Keep in mind that you need to wash your hands after application). You can also go to a tanning salon and tan in a tanning bed, remember to tan lightly - you do not want to have an "orange" tone or burnt red tone.

4-6 Days Prior to Session:

  • Grooming: Make sure you are waxed and perfectly groomed (upkeep will be necessary up until the time of the session as well). Don't forget your facial waxing, the redness and swelling will need up to 30 hours to completely fade.
  • Hair: Be sure to give yourself a few days to make sure you like your cut and color before coming for your session. (If you wait until less than 30 hours for a Color process: Discuss with your stylist that you will need as much stain remover applied to your hairline as possible to diminish the possibility of visibility to a dyed scalp.)
  • Tanning: NO spray-booth spray tanning - If you are familiar with airbrush tanning and have done it before, make sure this process is complete 2 days prior! Spray booths are unpredictable and are hard to diminish just days before your session if they go wrong. Make sure you are not burnt, this will deflect light and ruin your complexion (which is not easily photo-shopped).
  • Manicure and Pedicures are recommended! This is a guaranteed polished look - your hands and feet will be featured a lot more than you think - guaranteed!
  • Start cleansing, not the diet kind (unless you've been on one), the water kind! For luminous and beautiful tone, be sure to drink more than the recommended intake of H2O daily. Start this regimen at least 3 days prior to your session. [Salt will force your body to retain water, remember this!]
  • Complete your wardrobe detailing: Try on all of your items, including shoes and jewelry. Be sure that everything fits and all tags or random hang-loose strings have been removed properly (don't harm the garments by ripping off the tags).

The Day before your Session:

  • Double check that you have everything that is needed; makeup, accessories, hair care, etc.
  • Get some rest; 8 hours will ensure that you are not too over or under slept. (You might not see bags under your eyes, but the camera will!)
  • Have a stress-free day! No alcohol or heavy foods.
  • Be sure to shave / clean up the grooming that might have come out of the pores since you waxed/shaved.
  • Pack your bags; this will ensure that you don't forget something day of.
  • Text/Email Robin with any questions/concerns you may have. If none, text, "I am pumped for tomorrow!"

The Day of your Session:

  • It's finally here!
  • Use CLEAR deodorant (you will sweat from nerves).
  • Apply your makeup and do your hair, at least 3 hours prior to your session so it sets in. Touch-up time will be available numerous times throughout your session.
  • Avoid any kind of clothing that will create lines and/or red marks on your skin. (Example: No jeans, tube socks, thick patterned sweaters, etc.) The best are 100% cotton shirts, and sweat pants without the extremely squished-elastic waistband.
  • Eat something light but filling at least an hour before you session, this will calm your nerves a little.
  • And finally, breathe. This is going to be fun and a wonderful experience - you will be so glad that you chose to do this and the environment is open - we will be in constant communication about you, your posing, clothing, and comfort during the session.