TripAdvisor Guest Compliments 
While working at the Hilton Columbus Downtown

I heatedly walked over to the front desk and was greeted by Robin. My mood changed within two minutes of speaking with her, we ended up coming from the same town and for my complaints, she sincerely apologized, which is all I really wanted.. But she went over and beyond and graced me with a couple of drinks in the bar, on her. I am astounded by her service, it wasn’t rushed or dragged out, perfection. She seemed happy to help me, and assured me that the rest of my stay would get better and if it hadn’t, she was going to do something about that.

When I got to my room, it was facing the parking garage, oddly enough I could see my car.. I understand where the hotel is located and that a parking garage or a view of another building is inevitable, however, I called down to the front desk and was greeted by Robin again and she moved me on up! I was so thankful and told her that she really didn’t have too if it wasn’t available, but she ensured that she didn’t mind and my happiness is her happiness.. I told her that I could manage to come down and grab the keys myself, but she sent them up with a bellman who I believe’s name was Brad and he gladly helped me to my new room which faced the Arena - SPECTACULAR! I later went down and thanked her, and she gave me a warm hug and told me that those drinks were up in the bar waiting for me, haha!

I would recommend this location to friends and family, I will be sure to tell them about the excellent service that Robin instilled. It is much appreciated to someone who practically lives in hotels, and a nice change from someone that has been doing it so long they become robotic.
— "AChipperTamper"
...but what brought me back essentially was the service from Robin at the Front Desk.

I did not get to be checked in with her this time, but we got to chat over the phone multiple times as she was the phone person during my stay. Robin is a great person and is not afraid to show her personality through her job. She saw in the coffee shop during my and with no hesitation told me to try the hot chocolate as she was getting hers, and she gave me some information about the local places that she enjoys while I waited for my hot chocolate, I was very grateful!

Needless to say, I will be back again! Thanks Robin, Erin & other great staff!

Robin- Wear your hair down more, its beautiful! I wish I had those curls! haha.
— AChipperTamper

Hilton CRM Mentions from Guests
While working at the Hilton Columbus Downtown

Robin Cassady went WAY above and beyond and gave me some of the greatest service I have ever had as a Diamond member. — Robin Cassady made sure all my needs were met. I could not be more pleased with the friendliness and willingness to help. I will be certain to share this wonderful experience with all my friends who travel, and family.
— B. Riebe (2012)
There was a young lady at the front desk, I believe her name was Robin Cassady. She was wonderful. I asked for a different room, and it was taken care of without any problems. I’ll stay here again. Thanks to the management of this fine hotel.
— Judge R. Rinfret (2012)
Robin - Front Desk - Extremely helpful, courteous, & professional.
— M. Sherman (2012)

Letter to Management from Guest
While working at the Hilton Columbus Downtown

Hi Christian/Eric,

I wanted to write you a note on the performance of Robin Cassady. I’ve stayed at Hilton hotels all around the world and have to say Robin is one of the best people I’ve ever met working in a hotel. She is incredibly friendly and always has a smile on her face which is the best thing to see when walking into a hotel every week for the last several months. When Robin greets me she already knows my name, my room number, and asks me how things are going.

Robin has gone above and beyond several times for me as a guest and I truly appreciate it. She would take down my requests and follow up with me via e-mail every single time I would request something out of the ordinary. You can’t find people that care that much very often so I’m very happy with my stay at the Hilton. She goes out of her way to tell me some pretty cool things to see and places to eat here in Columbus and she makes this a home away from home. Because of service from folks like Robin I stayed here at the Hilton for many months and have even told co-workers that this is the best hotel to stay at in Columbus. Because of my relationship with folks like Robin I’ve even highly recommended the Hilton to several co-workers who have now also started staying here every week.

Being away from home is tough but having people like Robin make me wanting to stay here more and more. As my project has ended and my time as come to an end I think it’s important to recognize the contributions Robin has made to me particularly in making this a great home away from home. I will always recommend your hotel as long as people like Robin continue to work here.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks again
— Darshan Boradia (07/2013)